Frequently Asked Questions

What qualities does Taylor Porter look for in summer associate candidates?
The same things we look for in new law school graduates and seasoned attorneys: highly motivated people with diverse backgrounds and interests, leadership capabilities, academic achievement and strong interpersonal and communication skills, as well as honesty, maturity, accountability and good judgment. We always invite students who have excelled academically, as well as those who have achieved success in other disciplines or careers, to interview with us.

How long after my clerkship interview can I expect a decision?
Our Recruiting Committee meets regularly and extends clerkship offers within one to two weeks from the interview date.

How long does the program last?
The Taylor Porter Summer Associate Program is split into two six-week sessions, the first beginning in mid-May and the second beginning near the end of June. Fall and spring clerkships vary depending upon school and exam schedules.

How many clerks typically participate in the Summer Associate Program?
We typically hire between 6-8 law clerks per six-week summer session. 2L students attend our first six-week session while 1L students attend our second two-week session.

Do your law clerks receive meaningful work assignments?
Absolutely. Our summer associates operate very much like first-year associates and assist Taylor Porter attorneys in servicing Firm clients. Dealing with actual legal matters makes your work very important to us and to our clients — and provides you with invaluable real-world learning experiences. You'll do your share of legal research and drafting, but you can also expect to take part in trials, hearings, depositions, client meetings, business transactions and other activities critical to the practice of law.

How are work assignments distributed?
While we do not assign law clerks to specific practice areas, it is our goal is to accommodate your personal areas of interest with important assignments. This helps you make more informed choices about potential areas of specialization and demonstrates your ability to various practice groups.

What type of mentoring do you provide?
Each summer associate is assigned two mentors responsible for integrating him or her into both the social and business structure of the firm. The mentors arrange for attorneys to take law clerks to lunch, join them at Firm functions, acquaint them with our attorneys and staff, coordinate work assignments and answer work-related questions.

Can I expect social activities during my time in the program?
Plenty. In fact, we feel like social functions and outings are often the best way for law clerks and attorneys to really get to know each other, away from the office environment. We typically schedule a variety of events, from softball games and crawfish boils to social functions at an attorney's home. We're selecting students who may one day lead our firm, so we greatly value the informal time we spend with them.

How much do Summer Associates earn?
Taylor Porter pays competitive rates to law clerks and attorneys alike. We constantly monitor market rates and re-evaluate our pay scales at least yearly.

How many hours are law clerks expected to work each week?
There's no set number of hours a summer associate is required to bill or work. Except for attendance at class or school-related functions, we expect you to be in the office or performing clerkship-related activities during regular business hours.

Will I receive feedback/evaluations throughout the program?
Yes, law clerks are provided verbal feedback on their quality of work and work habits from the assigning attorney on each project completed. There is also an informal exit interview toward the end of your session.

How are Associate offers made?
At the end of each summer session, we gain input from all Firm attorneys and make employment offers. Our decisions are based upon numerous considerations, including your work product, Recruiting Committee recommendations, and the Firm's current hiring needs.