Taylor Porter Places First in Pennington Trivia Fundraiser to Help Fund Biomedical Research

April 10, 2018

Taylor Porter finished in first place in the Pennington Biomedical Research Foundation's annual Trivia Fundraiser Night, "The Answer," held Friday, April 6, at the Renaissance Hotel. The event drew 400 people and raised $200,000 for biomedical research.

​Taylor Porter team members included: Skip and Colleen Philips, Bob and Kellie Barton, Mike Walsh, Ryan French​, Lauren Rivera, William Hadden, and Nancy and Cary Dougherty.

Once a year, local sponsors and their guests come together to discover The Answer. This fundraising event challenges Louisiana’s companies to gather their best and brightest for a fast-and-furious, high-tech, trivia game.​ Gifts from individuals, foundations and businesses accelerate the exploration of new ideas, innovative techniques and powerful technologies.

The fundraiser helps Pennington's biomedical research move forward to help fund world-class research on chronic disease. Every day, world-renowned scientists at LSU’s Pennington Biomedical Research Center are exploring the many questions surrounding the triggers and treatment of dementia, diabetes, obesity and other chronic diseases.


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