TP 2017 Summer Associate Profiles: LSU Law Student Markeya Scott

July 27, 2017

Taylor Porter is proud of its annual summer associate program, which hires highly motivated, well-rounded law students to participate in two, six-week sessions. Under the guidance of practicing attorneys, our summer associates gain hands-on experience and interaction that reflect real life as a lawyer. During the second summer session of 2017, Taylor Porter has eight summer associates, and our law firm is proud to profile these students and gain their insight from the Taylor Porter summer associate program. In this article, Taylor Porter features LSU Law Student Markeya Scott.

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Markeya Scott, LSU Paul M. Hebert Law Center, Class of 2018

Markeya Scott will enter her third year at the Paul M. Hebert Law Center at LSU. She is from New Orleans, and received her B.A. in English from LSU in 2015. She currently serves as the Vice President of External Competitions on Moot Court. She also serves as Secretary in LSU’s chapter of the Black Law Student Association. Markeya has participated in the Robert Lee Tullis Moot Court Competition, and is a member of the external ABA Appellate Moot Court Competition team. She has twice served as an academic tutor for Civil Procedure I and has participated in both the Parole and Reentry and Prosecution Clinic. During her time in law school, she has clerked for Breazeale, Sachse, and Wilson; Kean Miller; and Vinson and Elkins. Markeya is clerking under the mentorship of Taylor Porter attorneys Mac Womack and Cindy Amedee.

What practice area(s) are you most interested in and why?

“I am most interested in Employment Law. I feel that the facts and cases are the most relatable and interesting because issues involving employment law affect all people since nearly everyone works. The law is always developing and adapting in this area because it is one of the few areas of law significantly tied to cultural and societal changes. Employment Law also provides the opportunity to work in multiple different areas from discrimination, to hour and wage, to contracts, to OSHA regulations.”

Who are your Taylor Porter attorney mentors, and what have you learned from them about the legal field that will stick with you?

“My Taylor Porter mentors are Cindy Amedee and Mac Womack. On my first day, they both stressed that perseverance and dedication is the best way to be successful as a lawyer. They both shared stories about times when they were required to work long hours or were out in an uncomfortable position that they did not believe they were ready for, but instead of backing away, they pushed through and did what they had to do to accomplish the end goal. From these experiences, they became knowledgeable, skilled, and respected in their practice areas.”

How has the Taylor Porter summer law clerk program helped prepare you for becoming a lawyer? 

“The Taylor Porter Summer Associate Program has prepared me to become a lawyer by broadening my perspective on the law, and how it is practiced. I worked on assignments ranging from health care to property law, to criminal defense, and each lawyer approached his/her practice differently. Being exposed to all these different practice areas and lawyers helped me realize that there are so many interesting areas of the law to practice in and that there is not only one way to become a successful lawyer.”

What do you like best about the TP Summer Associate Program?

“My favorite part of the Taylor Porter Summer Associate Program has been the out of the office learning experiences such as attending court, meeting with different judges, and attending client meetings. Taylor Porter understands that watching oral arguments, asking a judge in person about his or her likes and dislikes, and observing lawyers problem solve alongside their clients are valuable to the learning experience. There is something special about doing research on an issue, and then seeing that issue come to fruition before you in a client meeting, deposition, or a court hearing. These firsthand experiences take the general knowledge gained from researching and drafting, and transform them into practical knowledge and skills that can be used in the future.”


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